PREIN began its activity in April 1984, with the objective to undertake automation process tasks in which different systems and technologies are involved such as weighing, regulation, and supervision. In summary, to analyse the production process as a whole from a general point of view.

Our work has led us to visit different places both nationally and internationally, while particularly specializing in process control where both static and dynamic weighing systems are involved and also integrated control of production plants.

Our goal in the medium and long term is to take responsibility for the design, supply and commissioning of all equipment and systems whether electrical and control systems or mechanical systems, which make up the project as a whole.

Since the founding of PREIN, innovation has been the most prominent feature of our company in developing systems, procedures and equipment that today are considered to be standard in the market. PREIN has had research, development and innovation as strategic elements in its growth.

Our vision of the future includes the design of compact equipment where a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer engineers is involved, as well as our customers, of course.